The PLAN-DO-CHECK-ACT approach is the basis for continual improvement of processes, where each step serves a specific function to facilitate control and improvement over time.  So in the Safety discipline the PLAN-DO-CHECK-ACT approach is the basis for the establishment and improvement of work health and safety practices over time.

The first step is to PLAN how work is to be performed safely and the communication of this PLAN to those that will be involved in the work.  The establishment of a PLAN involves the systematic assessment of the tasks to be performed, and provides a basis for improvement.

The second step is simply to DO, which is the delivery of information, instruction and training for the performance of the work in accordance with the PLAN.

The third step is to CHECK against the PLAN, to confirm workers are safe performing their work by reviewing the use and effectiveness of planned controls, and initiating action to correct any un-planned, incorrect or ineffective practices.

The final step is to ACT upon any un-planned, incorrect or ineffective practices to control the hazard and protect workers from harm.  The incorporation of new or improved practices back into the PLAN facilitates the continual improvement of your work health and safety practices.

WorkBox Safety is a simple, easy to use, cloud based safety software that helps businesses:

1.   PLAN using Safe Operating Procedures and Work Permits

2.   DO using auto generated Induction slideshow presentations

3.   CHECK using auto generated Reviews based on Work Permits and associated Safe Operating Procedures

4.   ACT using Actions

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