Tools and Processes to keep your workplace safe and
meet your legislative requirements

WorkBox Safety is a work health and safety software with essential time‐saving tools to manage your
legislative requirements and efficiently maintain safe systems of work.

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Develop Safe Operating Procedures (SOPs) and group these
within Jobs and Work Permits.

Safe Operating Procedure
Work Permit


  • Standardise operations as a basis for delivering training and managing competencies

  • Continually improve work health and safety practices


  • Neatly manage job-specific material

  • Only share job-specific material with Clients

Work Permits

  • Break Jobs down into manageable chunks of work

  • Efficiently associate relevant SOPs with the planned work

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Deliver Inductions into Safe Operating Procedures (SOPs) and
Work Permits, and record Diary Notes of participation and
daily activity.

Diary Notes


  • Slide presentation of SOP and Work Permit content

  • Electronically capture participant signatures

Diary Notes

  • Confirm planned and actual work activity

  • Capture daily attendance and communication

  • Monitor employee health and well-being

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Review the implementation and effectiveness
of planned controls.



  • Seamlessly convert Work Permit content into a Review checklist

  • Rate the implementation and effectiveness of planned control measures

  • Create Actions to improve the implementation and effectiveness of planned control measures

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Track and record the management of Actions with a
focus on understanding issues to address root causes.



  • Prioritise, delegate and track the progress of analysis and action to address opportunities to improve work health and safety

  • Review the implementation and effectiveness of the action taken

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Receipt and review Hazard / Incident Reports.

Hazard Incident Reports

Hazard / Incident Reports

  • Convenient reporting of identified hazards and incidents

  • Real-time notification and review of reported hazards and incidents

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Follow and record the Consultation process
to make better determinations.



  • Engage employees and seek their feedback

  • Enhance understanding before finalising determinations

  • Communicate determinations and electronically capture participant signatures

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Facilitate client and head contractor due diligence
of Job related work health and safety records.

Job Sharing


  • Invite Clients to perform their due diligence by reviewing job-specific material via their very own portal


  • Monitor Contractors to verify their use of a safety management system and provision of safe systems of work

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Facilitate the seamless import of knowledge and
resources directly from Safety Advisors.

Safety Advisors

Safety Advisors

  • Invite Safety Experts to assist with the management and maintenance of your safety management system

  • Receipt SOPs and Consultations ready for approval

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FREE Templates

FREE Templates to help you save time
and get the job done.

WorkBox Safety has provided you a system, so it’s only fair we also provide you with some FREE templates
to help you implement it and demonstrate your commitment to your Clients.

Safety Policy

Safety Policy

  • Use the Consultation process to finalise and implement your Safety Policy

Safety Manual Template

Safety Manual

  • Specify and detail each of your safety processes and procedures

Safety Plan Template

Safety Plan

  • Produce job-specific Plans using the template and attaching Reports

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FREE Support

To help you understand your responsibilities and
your system.

Knowledge Base


  • Searchable Knowledge Base to help you get the most out of WorkBox Safety features and benefits

Simplified Explanations


  • Easy to understand explanations of Work Health and Safety legislation to help you understand your Work Health and Safety requirements

Help and Support

Help and

  • Free help and support always on hand to assist you every step of the way

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